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My translove 121hello.

It is Friday evening and I am sitting at my computer getting ready for my weekly webcam show with the beautiful transsexual woman I met online. Her screen name is "121hello". From the moment I first saw her, I was enchanted by her beauty and sensuality. Her long blonde locks, full lips and perfectly formed body drive me crazy every time. I am a man in love with a woman with a cock. It may sound strange to some, but it feels so natural and exciting to me. We met in an online chat room for transsexual lovers and I was attracted to her from the beginning. Her confident demeanor and mischievous smile gave her an aura of strength and sensuality.

While waiting for the webcam connection, I could hardly contain my excitement. Every time I see her, I feel a fire in my body and I long to touch her, to taste her. I know it is only possible in my fantasies, but it feels so real and intense. Finally, 121hello appears on my screen. She is wearing a lacy black lingerie set that accentuates her perfect body. Her breasts are firm and round, her buttocks are full and round. I can't help but stare at her and hold my breath as she sensually moves back and forth in front of the camera.

121hello smiles at me and then slowly begins to remove her lingerie as she continues to look deep into my eyes. My gaze is drawn to her cock, which seems to get bigger and harder as she playfully winks at me. I feel my heart start to beat faster and my hand automatically goes to my crotch. As she strokes her cock, my imagination begins to take over. I picture myself sitting next to her, touching her and feeling her soft skin. My hands slide down her body as we kiss and make our desires come true. 121hello continues to play for the camera and I can hear her soft moans as she pleasures herself. I feel a strong urge to be with her, to show her how much I enjoy her and how much I want her.

But instead I have to be content with watching her on my computer screen. But it is enough to make my body tremble with excitement. 121hello takes a toy and begins to penetrate herself with it. Her face twitches with pleasure as she enjoys anal. I can no longer control my own excitement and begin to join in. My hand moves faster and faster up and down my hard manhood as I watch her, longing for her. After several minutes of intense passion and pleasure, we both climax. I see 121hello lying in front of the camera, panting as her body relaxes.

I am out of breath and vaguely aware of reality. I know this virtual encounter will soon come to an end, yet I long for more. 121hello smiles at me with a fulfilled look in her eyes and then gives me her contact information. She says she would like to get to know me better and perhaps meet me in real life some day. My heart leaps with excitement and I feel my love for her grow stronger. I know it won't be easy and there will be challenges because of my feelings for her. But I am ready to do anything for this beautiful and sensual trans woman who has stolen my heart. Because for me, love is boundless and gender is nothing more than a label.

LAST ONLINE: 2024-05-26
AGE: 35

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